--- vs ---

bpgenc-0.9.1 -m 8, with x265-1.4+189 --aq-mode 1 --deblock -1:-1 --crf $Q

cjpeg-mozilla-3.0 -dc-scan-opt 2 -quality $Q

kdu_compress-7.4 -no_info -full -precise -slope $Q

jxrencapp-1.1+ccf11047dbec -q $Q

cwebp-0.4.2 -m 6 -pass 10 -size $Q

Medium images were first encoded with bpgenc at 19 CRF filesizes.
Medium is 60% of Large. Small is 60% of Medium. Tiny is 60% of Small. Everything else was matched to +/- 5% filesize.

BPG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP decoded in javascript when needed. Rescaling is through Lanczos2.

This page is based on Xiph.org's Daala comparison page. A list of sources for the images can be found in this text file.

BPG Image Format